What automation should be like

Posted in News on Aug 04, 2016

We have done a lot of work and now our Help Desk software - Assist Focus has got a really powerful and flexible system of automation. A big choice of triggers and tickets parameters will allow you to get ready to work messages to your service and also do different actions with tickets automatically while working with them. Besides, we tried maximally simplify visual editor of automation rules.

What can you do with automation?

  • Not to lose a new message from Client.
    For instance, you helped your client to solve a problem and being very pleased closed the ticket. But your client has got some additional problems on this question of which he did not inform you sending an answer to your letter. This ticket will be automatically opened and you will not lose it, and all the previous messages will be restored.

  • Not to lose any money.
    Your client writes in his letter that he wants to get his money back. Such tickets should be solved immediately by the selling department. That is why, you can fix automation the way when the given ticket was assigned for selling department and has priority "Urgent" (there is no higher so far).

  • To sort out tickets.
    If a client describes a problem or asks a question concerning a certain brand, Assist Focus can automatically send the ticket to this brand.

  • Everything at once.
    If everything said above happened, you should send a letter to the manager informing about the situation.

They are just examples which will be added for you automatically during registration. In fact, you can fix everything as you consider it necessary. Or delete everything, not create new ones and then nothing like that will ever happen.


Now about the order. We like order and that means that Assist Focus will try to keep it for you too. All your rules of automation you can put in order, more exactly, into folders.

Help Desk - Assist Focus. Folders in Automation.

You can also arrange the order of carrying out the rules. And yes, this is full automation. To show this, let us take an example you have 3 rules independent from each other:

  • There are conditions when ticket is given to a High priority.
  • There are conditions when ticket is assigned to a certain Brand.
  • And there is condition that just for this Brand tickets with High priority must be assigned to a specific Agent.

So, as a result, this agent will definitely get this ticket.

Set automation as it is necessary for you to simplify your work and to increase productivity of your support service.

Settings for automation can be found in the section "Configuration > Automation". We remind you of the fact that this section is available only for portal administrator.

Assist Focus has got a new Trash Bin

Posted in News on Jul 29, 2016

We have worked out the Trash Bin and improved it much. Now even the trash bin with deleted tickets has become more convenient for usage.

Assist Focus has got a new Trash Bin

What have we improved?

Firstly, we did it so that trash bin is working without reloading of the page as it was before. Secondly, division of pages is more distinct now. And the main thing is that you can look through the text of the deleted ticket. And not simply the text but all its options and messages.

Generally, it became more simple to define if the deleted text deserves what is done with it and if not, you can easily and simlpy restore it and so justice too

Extended filtering of tickets in Help Desk - Assist Focus

Posted in News on Jul 29, 2016

Some new update will help your suppot team work up problems better - filtering of tickets. Before this update one could filter tickets only through Brends, Status and Priorities.

What's changed?

We have added some possibility to filter tickets through Types and Recourses of their getting.

Extended filtering of tickets in Help Desk - Assist Focus.png

Besides, you can delete or select all the points of the filter with one click. These are the buttons which will help you save your time:

Extended filtering of tickets in Help Desk - Assist Focus 2.png

Assist Focus is inviting you to register

Posted in News on Jul 29, 2016

The moment has come when you can test our Help Desk yourself! We are inviting you to register and get a month-free usage of our system to get to know it better. You can choose any plan you like.

You can get to know the prices which we offer either on the official site Help Desk - Assist Focus or on the registration page Create an Account on Assist Focus.

We also wait for your wishes and even complaints if you have any during the usage of our system. Please, do not hesitate to ask any questions how to tune and work with the system.

Actually, you can do it right on our site, just click the button "Sketchman Studio Support" in the right-hand corner below or send a letter using the address: [email protected]

Operations with types of tickets is available already

Posted in News on Jul 29, 2016

Before Assist Focus gave only a certain set of ticket types:

  • Feature Request
  • Incident
  • Lead
  • Problem
  • Question

And if you needed another set,you could not do anything with this one. What's changed?

Now your administrator can enter the section of configuration (Configuration > Tickets > Types) and make up just the set of types you consider more suitable for your team of support.

Assist Focus: Types

Summaries to Knowledge Base articles

Posted in News on Jan 19, 2016

The articles in our Knowledge Base used to appear with summaries, which were generated automatically. That’s supposed to help your customers find necessary information easier and faster. The problem, however, was that the automatic summary was generated from the beginning of the article, and the beginning is usually not so informative.

So, we've come to the conclusion that it's not quite convenient and added a new field, where you can describe what the article is about and help your readers find their way to the necessary article faster.

Here are two sample articles that demonstrate how you can make your Knowledge Base more user-friendly.

Indeed, the summary does improve the search and, hence, the resolution of the problem.

The automatic summary generation is still there; it will generate summaries for the articles that do not have ones authored by you.


Posted in News on Jan 16, 2016

We have added Gravatar support to our Help desk - a small and yet pleasant update.

Now your users' avatars, if there are any, look much nicer.

Rearranging articles in a category

Posted in News on Jan 15, 2016

You can now rearrange the articles in the categories.

To move an article up or nown, just click on one of the arrows on the left of the article.

Article counters

We have also improved the indicator of the article counter; along with the number of articles published it now shows the total number of articles in the folder.